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Fines & Fees

Failure to return or renew materials on or before the due date will result in blocked library privileges and fines. Scroll down to learn more about fines and fees.

Overdue Fines

Each individual overdue item is charged a fine

Item type Amount due
Gregg-Graniteville Library Books $0.20/per day
Interlibrary Loan $0.20/per day
Media (CDs/DVDs/VHS) $0.20/per day
PASCAL Delivers $1.00/per day
Reserves $1.00/per day

Laptop Fines & Fees

You can find this table on the Library Laptop Check-out Agreement.

Item Fees Replacement Cost Processing Fee
Laptop $5.00 per day late $1,500.00 $5.00
Charger $2.00 per day late $30.00 $5.00
Case $2.00 per day late $30.00 $5.00
Maximum fines & fees Fees Replacement Cost
Maximum late fine (Laptop, charger, case) $100.00 ----
Maximum replacement fee (Laptop, charger, case) ---- $1,575.000

Replacement Fees

Lost book charge = $40.00 + $10.00 processing fee + any fines accrued on the account.

Overdue Fines

Unpaid overdue fines will result in holds on registration, transcript, and diploma.

Not sure?

Check out our Circulation FAQs to find more information.

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Replacement Fees

Lost book charge $40.00 + $10.00 processing fee + any fines accrued on the account.

Lost Book Charge $40.00
Processing Fee $10.00
Fines accrued on account Varies – Max $10.00

Even if a lost book charge has been paid, the book still remains the property of the University. Any person who falsely claims to have lost a book simply to retain possession may be charged with illegally possessing State property. Unpaid fines will result in registration, transcript, and diploma account holds. Please reach out to the library for assistance resolving fines and account holds.

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Overdue Fines

If there is an issue paying off fines, please contact Circulation for assistance with establishing a payment plan. Click here for contact information.

Failure to pay overdue fines will result in loss of borrowing privileges. Failure to return items and/or pay overdue fines can also result in holds on registration, diploma and/or transcript.

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Recall notices are sent to patrons to request a book to be returned to the library before its due date. This might occur when another patron has requested the same book.

If you receive a “recall notice” for a book, please return the book to the library or contact Circulation.

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