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Graniteville Manufacturing Company Mill

The Gregg-Graniteville Archives and the Gregg/Swint Memorial Room house the historical collection consisting of documents and memorabilia of the Graniteville Company, a major Southern textile manufacturing firm founded in 1845 by William Gregg.

William Gregg (1800-1867) established the Graniteville Manufacturing Company in 1845. Gregg was a visionary who advocated for the production of textiles in southern mills earning him the title "Father of the Southern Textile Industry." Gregg is also known for implementing one of the first compulsory education systems in the United States.

Encompassing approximately 49.5 linear feet of records, the Archives include correspondence, diaries, and other papers of William Gregg. Also significant are late 19th and early 20th-century hand-entered time books, printed annual reports, handmade company scrapbooks, historical photographs, framed pictures of mills and various officials, and the Graniteville Bulletin, a publication of the Graniteville Company for its employees.

The primary research value of this collection is for scholars in Southern economic, social, and labor history for the period 1845 to 1985 as well as for cultural historians of the South as it moved into the 20th Century.

This collection was originally assembled around 1945 as part of the Company’s centennial celebration. The collection was originally curated by David Duncan (D.D.) Wallace, professor of economics and history at Wofford College - a recognized SC historian & author of the History of South Carolina (1935) and South Carolina: A Short History, 1520-1948 (1951). He, with the aid of Thomas C. Martin – Assistant Chief, Manuscripts Division at the Library of Congress – worked together to bring this collection to life. This effort brought together materials from the Graniteville Company, William Gregg and the Graniteville community. William Lott, Assistant Vice President of the Company, was the first to fully organize the collection.

The Archives is housed at the Library thanks to the generosity of the Gregg-Graniteville and Swint Foundations. The Foundations donated $400,000 to build the library and also gifted the Graniteville Manufacturing Company collection. The Library was dedicated on April 30, 1976.

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Learn more about the Gregg-Graniteville Foundation and their gift in "A Legacy Continues: the History of the Gregg-Graniteville Foundation, Inc." by Professor Helsley.