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Gregg-Graniteville Archives Use Policies

The Gregg-Graniteville Archives is open to the public for the purposes of conducting historical research related to the records in our holdings. Our primary mission is to preserve the records in our care; therefore we have implemented the following policies and all researchers are subject to these policies. Failure to comply with these policies will result in loss of research privileges.


  • Access to the Gregg-Graniteville Archives is by appointment only.
  • Registration is limited to those ages sixteen or older. Children under 16 may accompany the researcher into the Gregg-Graniteville Archives but must be supervised by the Researcher at all times.
  • All researchers must permit inspection of their research materials upon leaving the Archives.
  • Certain items are prohibited in the Archives including food, beverages including water, tobacco products, gum, ink pens, markers, highlighters, colored pencils, scissors, and tape.
  • In the event of a fire alarm, leave all materials including personal research, on the tables in the archives and proceed quickly to the closest exit.

Original Materials:

  • All original materials will be used under close staff supervision. Personal items, except computers or note cards, are not permitted.
  • Gloves must be used when handling original materials.
  • Courtesy language: Courtesy of the Gregg-Graniteville Archives, Gregg-Graniteville Library, University of South Carolina Aiken, Aiken, South Carolina
  • Personal copiers/scanner are not permitted.
  • Hand held cameras may be used without flash to take photos of documents as long as the materials are handled appropriately for their format.
  • Use of personal cameras requires the permission of the Library Director. No extra lighting or equipment is permitted.

Loans of Materials:

As an Archive with unique holdings, the Gregg-Graniteville Archives does not participate in Interlibrary Loan or the temporary loan of materials to researchers.