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USCA Library Committee - Events: 2017: Faculty Authors

Books by Faculty Authors

Soccer in Spain

This book deals with how Spanish politics, literature, and film have been both exploited and embraced by the sport of soccer; soccer and film being two of Spain’s most powerful, and fastest-growing social phenomena of the past 100 years.

The Silent Appalachian

This book highlights the various reasons for the silence of characters in Appalachian literature, television, and film; it also addresses unusual voices such as speaking in tongues and twin speak. 

Chasing the Red Queen

The full expression of genetic potential depends on interactions with the environment.  I will present a short reading on how important it is for individuals to live in a healthy environment for their true potential to be expressed.

Texas 5X5

Reminiscent of a story cycle by a single author, the fictional pieces in this composite anthology by five of the best writers in the Lone Star State resonate with meaning built up across, as well as within, the individual works; the result is a new and unique kind of reading experience.

Group-Centered Prevention in Mental Health

This book presents the benefits of group-centered prevention, gives training exercises that can be used in the classroom, and explains practical community-based applications 1) in health for nurses and doctors, 2) in society for social workers, educators, and anyone working with groups in the community, 3) for business and organizations working with groups, and 4) for all mental health practitioners working with groups.

From the Front Porch to the Front Page

William Jennings Bryan's 1896 campaign speeches appealed to the true believers in his economic crusade, but William McKinley did a better job of identifying with the national audience.

Columbia, South Carolina

The book presents an overview of the history of SC's capital from Colonial beginnings through the election of Mayor Benjamin. 

Military Culture and Education

This book examines how literature is taught in military schools such as the Naval Academy and West Point.

Telephone Triage for Obstetrics and Gynecology

This book is designed to guide registered nurses and other health care providers through the most common 175+ patient complaints handled daily in OB/GYN offices and clinics around the United States. 

The Small and Rural Academic Library

Academic librarians at small and rural libraries often work with limited resources - small staffs, limited materials, and facilities budgets. This collection of case studies and interviews reveals how librarians at small and rural academic libraries are mitigating challenges through innovative and creative solutions, while also creating new opportunities to engage, serve, and support their academic communities. 

Teen Pregnancy and Parenting

We investigate cultural myths about teen parents using results of longitudinal research studies to better understand implications for policy and for the lives of teen parents and their children.

Soldiers' Field

A man of 70 thinking back 50 years when he was a soldier in West Germany. 

This event will showcase USCA faculty authors across the disciplines and their publications. In a round-table format, authors will have an opportunity to discuss their books, give a brief reading, or offer insights into the process behind writing to small groups of students and other interested guests. The purpose of the event is to promote awareness of faculty achievements and to offer students a glimpse into the experience of writing fiction, non-fiction, and technical writing.

USCA Library Committee Members

  • Prof. Vicki Collins, Chair | Department of English
  • Dr. April DeLaurier | Department of Biology & Geology
  • Dr. Koffi Fadimba | Department of Mathematical Sciences
  • Dr. Lillian Reeves | School of Education
  • Dr. Alexandra Roach | Department of Psychology
  • Prof. Deborah Tritt | Gregg-Graniteville Library
  • Meredith Grace Hawcroft | Student Member
  • Prof. Rodney Lippard, Ex Officio | Library Director