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EDPY A235 - McMurtrie - 2020: Home

Ask a Librarian


Upon completion of the tutorial, please complete a student feedback form for Professor Harmon.


Welcome to the EDPY A235 research guide! This guide will help you locate resources for your Theorist Profile Paper.

The guide is divided into three primary sections: finding biographical information, finding works by a theorist, and finding works that discuss your theorist and their connection to education and/or learning. For your project, you are required to find at least one resource in each of the categories. Each tab will discuss the different resources and unique search strategies used for locating them.

If you have ANY problems finding these resources, please reach out to us. We can meet with you for an online research consultation and Ask a Librarian chat is available 24 hours a day (Monday-Friday) and 8am-midnight (Saturday-Sunday).

EDPY 235 - Library Tutorial

This video tutorial will provide an overview on how to locate biographical resources, resources by your theorist and resources discussing your theorist and education.

Subject Guide

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Deborah Harmon

Accessing databases off-campus

Click this link to access the full off-campus library access guide.