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OpenAthens Introduction


As part of a PASCAL consortium initiative, the UofSC Aiken Gregg-Graniteville Library will be moving to the OpenAthens authentication platform.  OpenAthens will allow UofSC Aiken affiliates to be verified for access to library resources both on and off campus.  The current date for going live with the new system is May 5, 2021.

Benefits of OpenAthens:

  • You will now login with your UofSC Aiken network credentials instead of the UofSC system credentials.
  • Multiple ways to access resources including the library catalog, library database list, and the direct database access.
  • Better resource statistics which will allow the library to make more informed acquisitions decisions.

With this migration, there will be limited disruption of access to library materials.  In fact, most users will find it easier to gain access to the library resources.  

An important change that everyone will notice is that you will be required to authenticate on campus as well as off campus.

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