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ENGL 101--Warren, Fall 2021: Find Websites


Evaluating Web Resources

Guidelines for evaluating websites.


  • Why was this source created? 
  •  What audience was it created for?
  •  Is it scholarly or popular? Does this matter?


  • Who is the author? A person? A corporation?
  • What are the author's qualifications for writing on this subject?


  • Is there a date?
  •  When was the content last updated?


  • Does it give too much or too little information?
  • How specific is the information provided?

Google Search Tip

When searching using Google, here are some tips for limiting your searches.

  • -On Google, you have the option to limit your searches to just news or just books by clicking those options at top of the page, above your search results.
  • -You can limit your searches to just government information by tying in your search terms, followed by
  • -You can also limit your searches to specific websites by typing in your search terms, followed by site: and the site url, like

Good luck!

Exploring Your Topic

Searching Websites

Ask a Librarian


Lavender Town Syndrome


Click on the image above to listen to the Lavender Town music from Pokemon Red and Green.