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BADM 383 - Porca: Preparing to Search

Synonyms and Related Terms

When you're brainstorming potential search terms, try to think of potential:

  • Synonyms--words that mean about the same thing
  • Related Terms--words that aren't the same but that will still get you information you're looking for
Synonyms Related Terms
Global Warming Sea Level Rise
Climate Change Carbon Dioxide
Greenhouse Effect Permafrost

Step 1: Identify Your Topic

The first step of the research process is to identify your topic.  Since your professor has assigned specific topics, this step is easy.

Step 2: Explore Your Topc

Looking at the assignment sheets your professor gave you, what words or short phrases does she include that you might use as search terms? Circle those words, and write them in the space below.

Step 3: Identify and Combine Potential Search Terms

For each assignment, you will have to conduct multiple searches to find all the information you need to address the various aspects of your topics.  With the EU paper, for example, you have to examine the political, social, and economic aspects of Brexit.  In order to write about these three things, you’ll need to find information on each variable, so you will likely have to conduct at least three separate searches.  Each line is a separate search and each search will involve a specific combination of search terms that will allow you to find information on that particular variable.  So think of the different information you need to find to complete your paper, and what search term combinations would you need to use to find that information? What are some potential search term combinations that will allow you to fully explore your topic?  See below for some examples.

1. Brexit Great Britain Economic Aspects
2.  Brexit European Union Social Aspects
3.  Great Britain Leave European Union
1. US Trade Policy Agriculture  
2.  US Trade Policy China  
3. US Trade Policy Tariffs  

Subject Guide

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