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COMM 201 - Interpersonal Communication, Webb: Home

Information and resources to assist student with 201 Communications coursework

The Search Strategy

--Identify your topic

--Explore/Brainstorm your topic

--Identify potential keywords and search term combinations

--Search the databases for articles

--Cite your sources using APA format


Welcome to the COMM 201 research guide! This guide will provide information and resources to help you with your research. Good luck!

Assignment Tips

--If you end up searching for articles in databases other than Communication Source, make sure you find articles that deal with interpersonal communication. You can limit to relevant articles by using terms such as "interpersonal communication" or "mediation" as an additional search term to help limit your results to appropriate articles.

--As you find articles that you can use for your assignment, email them to yourself. Create a folder in your Outlook email, and move all emails you send to yourself from the databases to that folder.

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