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Streaming Video: Kanopy Film Collection

Kanopy Film Collection

What can I do with this resource?

Kanopy Film Library is a streaming video resource with a primary emphasis on documentaries, but also features feature-length domestic films and foreign cinema, as well as educational series. The Kanopy interface is dark, modern, and presents itself like a streaming service you might use at home; the splash page provides recommendations and divides films into dynamic categories, but it may be easiest to browse by subject.

You may stream films in the classroom, for ICE events, or for club use. However, admission may not be charged for events or clubs. This is per our license agreement with Kanopy.

Users may also download the mobile app onto their devices and sign into a personal Kanopy account affiliated with USC Aiken. You would then be free to watch titles on your mobile device or stream it to a personal TV.

How do I share titles with students?

A stable URL to a video can be found by clicking the "Share" button under Title underneath the player. These URLs could be sent via e-mail or posted on Blackboard.. There is also an embed function with an HTML snippet you could paste into Blackboard.

Additionally, you could compile multiple videos into a playlist and share the playlist with students. Because Kanopy will appropriately redirect students to necessary authentication, it is not necessary to include a proxy string in the URL.

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