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Streaming Video: Swank Digital Campus

What can I do with this resource?

Swank Digital Campus is a video streaming service that provides universities with a means of consuming digital media without fear of violating copyright law. Unlike with personal streaming services, such as Netflix or Hulu, these titles can freely be broadcast in the classroom.

It should be noted that our license agreement with Swank does not allow for these titles to be used for ICE events or university-affiliated club use without additional licensing. Contact the Library Collections Coordinator with questions about streaming services for these types of events. 

The library currently has access to 100 titles through Swank Digital Campus. Faculty are able to submit requests for titles that are not currently licensed.

How do I share titles with students?

Often times, it is not practical to view a film in its entirety during class time. Students may be assigned or otherwise wish to view a film outside of the classroom. This is perfectly within the students' rights, as the database can be accessed on- or off-campus through our proxy. You could instruct students to look up the film on Swank themselves; or, you could send them a link.

Every title will have these two buttons listed below the embedded media player:

[Copy Direct Link] [Copy LMS Link]

Copy Direct Link will copy the URL to the page with the film to your clipboard. This URL will include the proxy string (for off-campus access), so you do not need to manually add it.

Copy LMS Link will copy an HTML snippet that could be pasted into a post on Blackboard or an e-mail. Use this when you want to curate how the link will appear.

How do I request a new title?

If you register and sign into Swank as an instructor (faculty only), you will be able to search and see titles that are available through Swank, but not yet licensed by the library. You must perform some kind of search in order to view these unlicensed titles.

The search box at the top-right searches by Title. You may find it easier to browse films by clicking Advanced Search, choosing a genre from the Subjects & Themes dropdown, and organizing results as a list.


When clicking [Request], you'll be prompted to select a "Needed By" date and provide information for which class you intend to use the film requested along with your rationale for the title. After submitting, library faculty will consider purchasing a license for the film.

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