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Streaming Video: Digitalia Film Library

Digitalia Film Library

What can I do with this resource?

Digitalia Film Library is a Spanish collection of Euro-centric films. The largest collection is of Iberian films, but there are considerable quantities of French, Russian, and Latin American films. Old American films and documentaries/biopics are also available.

You may stream films in the classroom, for ICE events, or for club use. However, admission cannot be charged for events or clubs. This is per our license agreement with Digitalia.

Please be advised that as a primarily Spanish-language resource, English subtitles are not always available. The Title page for each film will list available languages for the film and subtitles.


How do I share titles with students?

The easiest way to copy the stable URL to a film is to copy the URL itself from your browser's address bar. It should look something like:

The digits after /visor/ correspond to the film's ID in Digitalia. If you want students to be able to access the film from off-campus, you will need to include a proxy string in front of the film URL to ensure that students will be able to log-in from that link. Your URL would then look like:

When distributing this link via email or Blackboard, ensure that the entire URL is hyperlinked appropriately.


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