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Government Documents: Statistics

The U.S. Government and the state of South Carolina provide citizens with an abundance of information covering a wide variety of topics. This guide will assist users in obtaining government information at both the state and federal level.


National Statistical Organizations and Intergovernmental Organizations

United Nations Economic Commission

Guide to national statistical organizations and intergovernmental organization websites

U.S. Budget

Congressional Budget Office

Analyses and cost estimates used for economic and budgetary process. Check reports

Budget of the United States Government

President's budget by fiscal year

Visual break down of government spending by government agency and service (includes money paid to states and other recipients)



U.S. Government Statistical Agencies

Principal Statistical Agencies and Recognized Units 

Lists all statistical agencies and the most prominent statistical units

Bureau of Economic Analysis 

Economic information at the national, state, and county level, includes information on business and international trade

Bureau of Justice Statistics

Corrections, crime, law enforcement, victims, court cases, Indian Country crime data...

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Employment, unemployment, wages & benefits, job market, on the job injuries...

Census Bureau

Business & economy, education, employment, family and living arrangements, government, health, housing, income, poverty, populations & people, race and ethnicity

National Center for Health Statistics

Diseases and conditions, family life, health care, insurance, disabilities, injuries, stages of life, and reproductive health

S.C. State Statistics

State Government Information

South Carolina Department of Corrections

  • Statistical and Accountability Reports 

South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce

  • Employment statistics, job forecasts, wages, demographics and other labor market information

Sourh Carolina Probation, Parole and Pardon Services 

  • Statistical and Accountability Reports

South Carolina Law Enforcement Division

  • Crime in South Carolina Book 

South Carolina Statistics and Statistical Reports

  • Statistics by topic also contains world statistics 

South Carolina Vital Records Data and Statistics 

  • Birth and Death Data

Federal Government Information

South Carolina QuickFacts (Census Bureau)

South Carolina Homelessness Statistics (U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness)
 Statistics Resource

Data and Statistics about the U.S.

Information guide for finding government statistics



Image result for statistics site: .gov is a one stop government database for open access statistical information and datasets.