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BADM 371:Leadership & Management: Topic

What topic interests you?

Is there a question you would like to answer?  Is there a topic you'd like to learn more about?

When deciding what to research, make sure your topic:

  1. Fits the requirements of the assignment.
  2. Is something you're interested in. 
  3. If at all possible, consider choosing a topic relating to your major. 

Locate leadership case studies

Search ("Leadership" and "Case studies") in the Gregg-Graniteville Library catalog "Find it" and in the library databases.

Finding Bibliographic Information

Start your research by gathering background information on the leader you have selected for your topic. (The position and/or status of the individual and a short biography is a required part of the paper.)

Learning more about the leader will help you select what concepts and models from the class that are most relevant to the leader you are researching. Learning about the leader's life will help you identify search terms to use in the databases such as their title as well as anything they might be associated with such as a company, product, services, or specific accomplishments.

Locating Biographical Information.

You can locate biographical information in:

  • Library books
  • Databases that specialize in biographical information.

Research Recipe for Biographical Information.

When looking for biographies, try searching for leader's name AND biography.

For example, if I was looking for biographical information on Mahatma Gandhi in the library catalog, I would search for Mahatma Gandhi and biography. If you are in a database that specializes in biographies, you may just need to put the leader's name.

Biographical Information

  • Search the Gregg Graniteville Library Catalog "Find it" for Biographical information on your leader.
  • Often leaders or entrepreneurs will post their own biographies online or their company or organization they are associated with will post a short biography on their website.

What is your assignment?

Answer these questions before you begin:

  • What is your assignment?
  • How many sources do you need?
  • What types of sources do you need?
  • How recent do your sources need to be?
  • When is your assignment due?

If you can't answer one or more of these questions or if anything else about your assignment is unclear, you should contact your professor.