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EXSC A440 - Gelinas - Online: Paper #1 - Career Exploration & Challenges

For your Career Exploration and Challenges paper, there are some excellent career specific resources on the web that I encourage you to explore. Also, when delving deeper into the challenges faced by individual professions, I encourage you to explore journal articles in some of our Allied Health databases as identified below. If you run into any issues, please do not hesitate to reach out to a librarian.

Career/employment resources:

The OOH and O*Net OnLine are excellent databases for learning more about different careers. These sites are best for learning more about individual professions and related issues, including job outlook and necessary skills and credentials. 

Exploring the issues:

For locating information on issues impacting professions, you will find journal articles in some of our Allied Health focused databases. I also encourage you to locate the primary professional organization on the web and explore those sites. They can grant insight into the opportunities and challenges within an individual profession.

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