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Shannon Cason Comes to USC Aiken: Home

About Shannon Cason

‚ÄčShannon Cason has told stories all over the country with The Moth, Snap Judgment, and his own podcast, Homemade Stories. He recently launched a new podcast with WBEZ Chicago called The Trouble with Shannon Cason. Shannon is a husband, father, and he’s originally from Detroit.

Two Events

Storytelling Open Mic

Thursday April 5, 7:00--8:30

Gregg-Graniteville Library

Come experience and participate in our very own open mic “Live Storytelling” night hosted by Shannon Cason, storyteller. Shannon’s hosting style includes his own stories and encourages participation. Participants share 3-5 minutes of creative expression including but not limited to storytelling, poetry, or monologue during the event. 

Brutally Honest Storytelling

Friday, April 6, 4:00-5:00

Etherredge Center

This one-hour session will cover:

  • -The basics of storytelling
  • -Using honest storytelling for personal and professional empowerment
  • -Purposes of personal narrative storytelling
  • -Correlates to a number of academic focuses including communication, marketing, and creative writing