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Beyond the Bias Inside Us: Home

The Bias Inside Us Exhibition

What is Bias?

Bias is human.

Bias is a preference either for or against a person or group.

It feeds our natural need to belong—the result of a survival shortcut deep in our brains.

The Bias Inside Us: Smithsonian Exhibit

The Project

The Bias Inside Us is a community engagement project featuring a Smithsonian traveling exhibition, the centerpiece for local programs and activities that raise awareness about the science and history of bias and what people can do about it. On this website, you’ll find resources for teachers, communities and individuals to learn more about implicit bias. 

The project is grounded in research and teaches us that bias is inside everyone. It is part of being human.

Project Goals


We want to help people understand and counter their implicit biases.

We want to help build capacity in communities to convene dialogue that will increase empathy.

We want to inspire more inclusive schools, communities, and workplaces.