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Music: Find Books

Library of Congress Classification

University libraries typically use the Library of Congress classification rather than the Dewey Decimal System you may be used to. M is the Library of Congress designation for all Music texts. In the Gregg-Graniteville Library, the M's can be found towards the back of the center shelves upstairs near the rear study carrels.

  • M1M5000: Music (general)
    • M5–1480: Instrumental Music
    • M1497–1998: Secular Vocal Music
    • M1999–2199: Sacred Vocal Music
  • ML1–ML3930: Music Literature
    • ML2528: Societies and other Organizations
    • ML47–54.8: Librettos, Texts, Scenarios
    • ML112: Music Printing and Publishing
  • MT1–960: Music Instruction and Study
    • MT3–5: History
    • MT5: Theory
    • MT85: Conducting, Score Reading
    • MT170–915: Technique
    • MT955: Musical Theatre

Looking for Scores?

We do have a selection of full scores, vocal and instrumental repertoire in the Oversize section. These scores and anthologies can be checked out like any other book. These shelves are located in front of the Library Instruction Classroom, Rm 218. Try the Find Scores page for additional help.

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