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Providing your students with a direct link to a journal article via the Gregg-Graniteville Library is a great way to connect them with important research in your field. 

In order to provide students with a direct link, you will first need to learn a little about creating persistent links. Persistent links are special URLs that point to specific articles and ensure individuals can access the materials through our Library. 

To create a direct link to a journal article via the Gregg-Graniteville Library, you will need to:

1) locate the stable URL of a journal article in a database. This is usually the link the to the article provided by the database. Please do not use the URL from the address bar. 

2) Once you locate the stable URL of a journal article, you will need to enter that URL at the following site: . This link will add a special prefix to the article link and your students will now be able to access the full text (if available) through the Gregg-Graniteville Library.

If you need help with updating links in your syllabus, please consult with your library liaison for guidance. 

Why Do I Need to Use Persistent Links?

Copyright restrictions prohibit posting copies of copyrighted materials to course management systems (like Blackboard) and to class websites created by professors. Through the use of persistent links, you can protect yourself, your students, and the university. When using a persistent link, only individuals with the proper university credentials can access the material and they are tasked with generating their own copy of the reading assigned. This practice is in keeping with the Fair Use Doctrine within the United States Copyright Law and our licensing agreements with database vendors.


E-Resources Login Information

To access e-resources like databases and ebooks, you will log in with your full USCA email address and email password. 

Visit this guide for E-Resource Login Help.