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Beyond the Bias Inside Us: ICE Event @USCA

Event Description

In the Smithsonian's online exhibition "The Bias Inside Us," Bias IRL (in real life) is defined as: "a process of learning about the structures and associations embedded in the world around us." In this session, we'll examine different types of bias, what bias looks like in different contexts, and how bias factors into our information behavior--how we search for and use information. The session will incorporate interactive elements to demonstrate different aspects of bias, and we'll discuss healthy ways of dealing with bias in our information behavior.

Date Time Location
Tuesday, November 21 2:30-4:00 pm Penland 106


Susie O'Connor, MLS

Circulation and Government Documents Librarian

Assistant Professor


Brandy R. Horne, MLIS

Instruction/Reference Librarian

Associate Professor