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COMM A482 Webb Health Communication: Websites

Evaluating Web Resources

Guidelines for evaluating websites.


  • Why was this source created? 
  •  What audience was it created for?
  •  Is it scholarly or popular? Does this matter?


  • Who is the author? A person? A corporation?
  • What are the author's qualifications for writing on this subject?


  • Is there a date?
  •  When was the content last updated?


  • Does it give too much or too little information?
  • How specific is the information provided?

Tips for Searching Google

In Google, you can limit your searches to specific websites, or you can focus your search efforts on specific types of websites

To limit results to a specific website: [search terms] 

Example [Obesity]

To limit results to government websites: [search terms]  

Example [Arthritis]


Google also has an Advanced Search page that you can use to exercise more control over your searches.

Ask a Librarian

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