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Food and Drink Policy

The Gregg-Graniteville Library is a newly renovated facility which will provide a safe, quiet, and comfortable place to study, do research, use computers, or socialize. To minimize the risk of damage to materials, furnishings and equipment, food and drinks are only permitted in the library under limited conditions. Beverages in covered containers and small items of packaged food may be taken to study areas.


  • Drinks in covered containers or bottles
  • Snacks from vending machines or other small packaged items

Not allowed

  • Drinks in open cups
  • Greasy, smelly, or messy foods (fast food, pizza, sandwiches, etc.)

We appreciate the assistance of the campus community in helping to keep the library clean. Events, meetings, and/or receptions held in the Gregg-Graniteville Memorial Room or the Veteran and Military Success Center are exempt from this policy.

Approved by:
JHT 7/06, SO 8/06, MG 8/06
Updated 11/13

Study Room Policy

Study rooms are available for study sessions. These rooms must be checked out with a valid USCA ID at the Circulation Desk. These rooms are available on a first come/first served basis, and are available for USCA students and faculty only. Study room keys must be turned in 5 minutes before the library closes. Study room keys are LIBRARY USE ONLY and cannot be taken out of the building. Keys taken from the building may result in fines and loss of checkout privileges.

Laptop Policy

The following policy applies to laptop computers owned and circulated by the Gregg-Graniteville Library, USC Aiken.

Borrowing Procedures

  • Laptops circulate to current USC Aiken students, faculty, and staff ONLY.
  • The borrower must present a current USC Aiken I.D. card. There will be no substitutions.
  • Each borrower must complete a USCA Laptop Liability Form annually.

For more information regarding laptop check-outs, please see Circulation.

Cell Phone Policy

The Cell Phone Use Policy is to assist staff and students who encounter the inappropriate or inconsiderate use of cell phones and other electronic devices (VOIP, Pagers, etc.). This policy may be cited if the use is disruptive to users or employees of the library.

  • Upon entering the library, cell phones, pagers, and similar electronic devices should be set to silent, no ring, or vibrate.
  • When answering or initiating a call, persons should restrict calls to the foyer of the building. No phone use is permitted inside the building except in the foyer.
  • There is no restriction on text messaging and library staff may suggest text messaging as an alternative to voice messages.

If another user complains about cell phone use or use of another device, the library staff is authorized to request that the patron discontinue the disruptive behavior or leave the building.

Approved by
JHT 7/06, SO 8/06, MG 8/06

Library 218

General Information and Technology Available

Library 218 is a computer classroom space located on the second floor of the library. The room is equipped with twenty-two (22) student computer work stations, 1 instructor work station with an overhead projector, and one small wall-mounted stationary white board. No more than 26 people may be in Library 218 at any time due to fire code regulations. Library 218 is primarily intended for formal instruction sessions and workshops offered by library faculty. To schedule library instruction, faculty and staff should contact Kari Weaver, Library Instruction Coordinator, at or x3261. The room is not intended for and may not be used for regular class meetings.

Scheduling Library 218

Scheduling of Library 218 takes place through the 25 Live System. Requests specific to information literacy instruction are inputted into the system by Kari Weaver, Library Instruction Coordinator, after confirmation of instruction with subject and library faculty as appropriate. All other requests can be submitted directly to the 25 Live System by the requestor. Library 218 is available for use by groups outside of the library but must be requested a minimum of two weeks in advance, and events may be bumped if the classroom is needed for information literacy instruction. Individuals looking for a meeting space not requiring computer stations are encouraged to consider reserving the Memorial Room (Library 108). All events are confirmed two class days in advance during the Fall and Spring semesters. Due to greater availability, reservations made during Maymester and Summer semesters can be confirmed further in advance.

Access, Safety, and Security

The classroom is kept locked for safety and security. The individual who makes the reservation may pick up a key from a librarian in the Reference Suite (directly opposite the front doors behind the Reference Desk) during business hours. The key may not leave the library building and must be returned after locking the room and turning off all lights at the conclusion of a reservation. For all reservations by student groups, the faculty or staff advisor must be present to use Library 218. Any concerns about safety and security in the classroom should be reported immediately to library personnel at the Reference Desk (643-6808) or the Circulation Desk (x3286). 

Cleanliness, Food, and Beverage Policy

Users are responsible and accountable for the cleanliness and order of the classroom following use, including following the requirements of the library food and beverage policy. The individual who makes the reservation is responsible for room clean-up, including the removal of garbage and returning equipment.

Lost and Misplaced Items

The Gregg-Graniteville Library maintains a lost and found at the Circulation Desk but is not responsible for left or unattended items.

Policy created 5/30/16 KDW

Visiting Patrons Policy

The primary mission of the Gregg-Graniteville Library at USC Aiken is to serve the students, faculty and staff of the university, but we also welcome members of the community to use our facilities and resources. We ask that visitors follow our visitor library access and computer use policy.

Visitor Behavior Rules and Regulations

We ask that you do not engage in disruptive behavior while visiting our library. To preserve an environment where we can best serve all of our patrons, please refrain from:

  • Talking on cell phones while inside the library.
  • Sleeping in the building.
  • Using inappropriate language.
  • Talking in a loud voice.
  • Playing music or streaming content that others can hear.
  • Loitering.

Visitor Computer Use

The focus of the library faculty and staff is to maintain the academic integrity and climate of the Gregg-Graniteville Library. Therefore, the majority of computers in the library are reserved for student, faculty, and staff use. Library faculty and staff are primarily responsible for assisting patrons with academic research and are available for technical assistance only on a very limited basis. To accomplish these goals, but also accommodate our visitors, the following guidelines are strictly enforced at all times:

  • Visitors may only use the designated set of computers on the 1st floor of the library. No other computers in the library allow visitor access.
  • Visitors must provide picture identification to library faculty and staff upon request.
  • We reserve the right to remove an individual from a computer workstation.
  • Each visitor computer session is limited to 1.5 hours per day. Additional time may be granted for patrons doing academic research.
  • No gaming is allowed on computers designated for public use.
  • Visitors needing to access government information resources in electronic format (Federal, State and Department of Energy documents) should be directed to Government Documents Department on the 2nd floor.
  • For their safety, no unattended children under the age of 12 are allowed in the library.
  • Anyone under 15 must have parental supervision while using USCA library computers.
  • Visitors with wireless-enabled devices may access the USCA guest network (PacerGuest).
  • Visitors must still adhere to the applicable university and library policies for computer and library use:

Approved by

JHT 6/14, JMP 6/14, SJJ 6/14

Patrons with Disabilities

Gregg-Graniteville Library works to provide the best possible access to materials and services for library users with disabilities. Whenever possible, assistance should be arranged in advance. Assistance may include materials retrieval from print, archival, or digital collections, scheduling research consultations, library orientations, or instruction classes, referrals to campus resources (for students), and other reasonable accommodations.

Gregg-Graniteville Library recommends that USCA students contact the USCA Office of Disability Services for in-depth adaptive assistance and training on adaptive equipment.